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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems provide essential clean water for young students to wash their hands, supporting proper hygiene practices.

Rainwater harvesting is a system for collecting and storing rainwater for later reuse. In communities where access to water for hygienic purposes is a challenge, such as in many rural communities, rooftop rainwater collection can make a significant contribution. It can help to provide more more reliable water access when other water sources are unavailable.

The Ghana WASH Project is providing 29 rainwater harvesting systems (of various sizes and types), but each following a similar structure: A system of roof gutters catch rainwater and transfer it to a storage bin (polytank), which is mounted on a cement platform. These include standalone rainwater storage facilities, potable water storage facilities and rainwater storage facilities attached to institutional latrines.

The project is providing these facilities to primary, junior high school and health clinics in rural communities in Central, Western and the Greater Accra Region. The emphasis is to improve community access to clean water; the project opts to site a structure at a school, for instance, if there is a large distance between the institution and community water point.