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Training Local Artisans

Learn more about how the project trains artisans and equips them with new skills. See the video:

“The skills I have acquired have positively impacted  my life because now it is my source  of livelihood. I now have an income that pays for school fees and feeds my children.”
– Matthew Donker, local artisan

 Read more about our work training local artisans in latrine construction.

The Ghana WASH Project builds the capacity of local artisans to construct household latrines. The project collaborates with government district assemblies to organize trainings for artisans in the construction and maintenance of household latrines. Previously, these individuals had little or no professional construction experience. Now, more than 300 local artisans have been trained across the Greater Accra, Volta, Central, Western and Eastern regions. The project works with these artisans and individual households to construct the latrines.

A major challenge to the sustainability of community-level sanitation interventions is in insufficient capacity to construct, manage, and maintain infrastructure. Few communities are linked with service providers; in addition, communities often lack the technical capacity to create their own sanitation solutions. For constructed facilities, the challenge of human and material capacity also hinders community and district-level effort to repair sanitation infrastructure facilities.

Working with these trained artisans, communities can continue building and maintaining latrines long after this intervention.  The latrine artisans are equipped with skills for future opportunities: With their new skills, the local artisans have the opportunity to improve their incomes and livelihoods, to better support themselves and their families.