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Bokabo Small Town Piping System Completed

The last small-town piping system by the Ghana Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project (GWASH) has been completed in Bokabo in Juaboso District of the Western Region. Bokabo previous lacked any improved water sources, and the townspeople had relied on fetching water from a nearby stream.

The small-town piping system will serve more than 2800 people in the district. A small-town pipe scheme consists of a high-yielding borehole that is mechanized with an electric pump to transport the water to a large overhead tank. From the tank, gravity is used to distribute the stored water to various accessible points (community standpipes), from which community members can fetch their water. The small town pipe scheme in Bokabo has nine stand pipes at vantage points, and this week, the submersible pump was installed, completing the construction process. “We are testing the facility, but the people in the community can start using it in a week’s time.”

The Water Coordinator of Ghana WASH Project, Mr. Dominic Osei said, “This is also the last water facility we had to construct and now, it is complete. We have achieved our target.” He added, excitedly. Two small-town piping systems have been provided by the Ghana WASH Project for different communities: Eluokrom and Bokabo, in the Western Region. The Ghana WASH Project targeted this region because of the growing size of the region’s small towns, and the lack of such schemes.