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What We Do

The Ghana WASH Project operates in five of Ghana’s regions: Western, Central, Greater Accra, Volta and Eastern regions.

Ensuring long-term sustainability of water and sanitation infrastructure interventions has long been a challenge in rural communities in Ghana. For years, significant investments in water and sanitation infrastructure have rarely translated to sustained access and use of services and achievement of improved health outcomes. Approximately 25 percent of water and sanitation infrastructure established in Ghana becomes non-operational after just five years, and a large percentage of the remaining facilities are either underutilized or diverted for other purposes.

Furthermore, organizations working in water, sanitation and hygiene are challenged by community initiative in addressing issues – rather than taking the initiative to address their own problems, many communities instead wait for a government agency or NGO to provide them with services.

The Ghana WASH Project works to improve rural and peri-urban communities in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene by linking up with communities, local NGOs, government agencies, as well as international organizations working in the sector. Through a multi-level approach, the project works to build the capacity of local communities and organizations, and not only improve water, sanitation and hygiene, but also empower these actors to continue promoting development well after the project has reached completion.

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